Scaffolding expertise since 1998

Scaffolding expertise since 1998

Scaffolding services, solutions and products for Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Vancouver Island and southern British Columbia

Since 1998, we have built a reputation as Vancouver's leading scaffold supply and service company. Our experience includes scaffolding for new construction, restoration, infrastructure improvements and high profile commercial projects.

Scaffolding services

Safetech Scaffold Ltd. provides full-service access scaffold services including scaffold equipment, installation and dismantle, project planning and facilitation, engineering and design, custom scaffold solutions, welding and fabrication.

We also supply scaffolding equipment sales and rentals in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Vancouver Island and southern British Columbia.

Scaffolding solutions

Scaffolding solutions include frame scaffold, system scaffold, high-rise envelope, low rise envelope, roof canopies, containment, hangers and cantilevers, work platforms, temporary shoring, tube and clamp, stair towers, chutes, hoists, debris mesh, movie sets, hoardings and more. If you are interested in learning more about the many different scaffolding solutions offered by Safetech Scaffold Ltd., please visit scaffolding solutions

Scaffolding products

We offer a wide variety of scaffolding products and suggest you visit our scaffolding products section on our website for photos and details of products available.

Innovation, safety and customer service are top priorities of Safetech Scaffold Ltd.

We pride ourselves providing the most innovative of products and services to our customers, our attention to safety and exceptional customer service. Contact us today for your next project, we take the fear out of heights!

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